Bitcoin Panic Gotta Love It – Some of Us Need Our Xmas Money

The recent news from China has made Bitcoin  Price Swing  High &Low.. Panic Selling on all Exchanges over the past 24 hours  has been a great opportunity for the out of the box thinkers and doers…

Even if you are Satoshi Nakamoto you cannot understand fully Bitcoin and the possibilities that it Brings..

One minute One Bitcoin can be worth $1200 and within a few hours it can  can be worth $600.. so is the volatility of the price of the King of the Crypto currencies..


Over the past few weeks ,with Xmas approaching fast Bitcoin’s price has taken off like a rocket….  Even Sir Richard Branson Admits he owns Bitcoins and now accepts them for that once in a life time trip into space..


I am Sure some of these Early adopters of  Bitcoin (Top 100 Bitcoin Holders) have booked their Tickets…( Did you notice how most of these early users of Bitcoin, never worry about the Huge ups and downs of Bitcoin).

The last few hours in  the Bitcoin world have been memorable to say the least  … The Pump and Dump seems to be coming to an end..


The fly by .. get rich schemers have been dealt a blow that many of them like Fontas may never recover..(that is one of the beauties of  Bitcoin and crypto currencies.)

With all Crypto currencies there are various ways to make or Lose Money…

Mining  is one way to acquire bitcoins,and other crypto curriencies. Without the right equipment you Lose.. With the right equipment  you make money every day using the Power of the Internet. (Best to use Cloud Mining,saves on equipment failure and Electricity)

Simple Cloud Mining


You can Buy Bits of Bitcoins Here (Best to buy when prices swing Low)

You can Buy Bitcoins Locally To where you live

You can even buy Bitcoins on Ebay..(best for those that want to hold for a while)

You can acquire FREE bits of Bitcoins from faucets that drip Free bits.

You can Make money with Bitcoins even without owning any, by buying  contracts

(below shows less than an hour earlier today)


Buying or Selling Bitcoins on exchanges,using Bots to do the trading is very profitable at the moment due to the high volatility..

The price of Bitcoin is increasing at an exponential rate and it’s going to continue at least until it is worth between $20,000 and $100,000 / 1 BTC. See why!

Time for a reality check. A prudent person should assume Bitcoin will fail, if for no other reason than that most new things fail.With Bitcoin, there is a very real chance it will succeed, this real chance is increased with every new user, every new business, and  new system developed and offered within the Bitcoin economy. (sure some will fail ) The Possibilities of success are extraordinary and outweigh the possibility of failure.

Do note there is no CEO or President, nor employees of Bitcoin. Bitcoin has no home country, it is worldwide. Bitcoin is a distributed network, a protocol, that can operate as long as the internet exists (, in fact, even without the internet it is possible). Transactions occur peer-to-peer, meaning no governing body interference. Accounts cannot be frozen, because nobody has the freeze button.(like that)

Bitcoin cannot be turned off – it is like a benevolent cancer which, so long as a few hosts survive somewhere in the world, Bitcoin should perpetuate itself and regrow at the speed of information.(maybe the only way to kill Bitcoin is with Information)

Once you make  the realization – that governments are powerless to stop Bitcoin, then a few ramifications should spring to mind.

For instance money transfer companies like Western Union, PayPal are beginning to  discover that they have to compete with a system that transfers money at practically zero cost. The “service” these companies provide will be made redundant, just like VHS manufacturers were out of a job at the take up of DVDs, so too will these outdated payment services be useless as the practically zero cost global transfers of Bitcoin gathers momentum.

Spend some time with Bitcoin. Learn it, challenge it, and use it. Do not be surprised to see Bitcoin Worth More than 100 times their value this time next year..





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